Who Is Keith Gill? The Man Behind Roaring Kitty (2024)

Keith Gill is a former financial analyst who is largely credited with spiking the GameStop surge in late 2020 using his YouTube account (as Roaring Kitty) and on Reddit (as DeepF---ingValue, or DFV).

Key Takeaways

  • Keith Gill learned about investing and became convinced that GameStop stock was undervalued, sharing this belief with others on Twitter (now X) with the handle RoaringKitty.
  • He initially purchased $53,000 worth of GameStop stock in 2019.
  • At the height of the GameStop surge, Gill’s stock was valued at $48 million.
  • Gill retreated from public life in 2021, with no indication of what he’s doing now.

Early Life and Education

Gill was born in 1986 in Brockton, Mass., the son of Steven, a truck driver, and Elaine, a registered nurse. He attended Brockton High School before going on to study accounting at Stonehill College in Easton.

As a teenager, Gill became a cross-country and track and field athlete, and found great success in both high school and college. During his college athletic career, he earned All-America honors for cross-country and indoor and outdoor track and field, the only male athlete at the school to do so thus far. In 2016, Gill was inducted into the college’s Hall of Fame.

After graduating in 2009, Gill went to work for a family friend, who was running a startup company in New Hampshire building a software program for analyzing stocks and providing research. He left that job in 2014, and had a spotty work history until 2019, when he began work at MassMutual as the director of financial wellness education.

Notable Accomplishments

Gill joined Twitter (now X) in 2014 using the handle RoaringKitty, where he shared his method for “hunting stocks and pouncing on investment opportunities,” per his Twitter/X bio. He noted his insights were “for educational purposes only.”

Gill began posting on YouTube in 2015 using the same handle (RoaringKitty), where he posted videos and livestreams sharing his “daily routine of tracking stocks and performing investment research,” again for educational purposes only. Gill also joined Reddit in 2019 under the DFV handle, and he routinely posted in the WallStreetBets community.

He used these social networks to share his thoughts on GameStop stock, saying he thought it was undervalued. In 2019, he purchased $53,000 worth of stock, and as he continued posting about the stock, others joined him, leading to a rapid rise in the stock’s price. When GameStop’s stock price peaked at $483 per share in January 2021, Gill’s investment was valued at nearly $48 million. At that time, Gill resigned from MassMutual.

Gill’s identity was revealed shortly thereafter by Reuters, who identified Gill using public records for a short-lived company that Gill had named Roaring Kitty. Those records showed the same name and email as his YouTube account. On the same day, the Daily Mail also used public records to identify Gill as the man behind the Roaring Kitty and DFV accounts.

In February 2021, Gill testified to Congress about his role in the GameStop stock saga, stating that he thought the stock, which he said he liked, was “dramatically undervalued.” Although Gill was the target of a class action lawsuit filed in federal court in Massachusetts, accused of causing “huge losses” for small investors and violating securities laws, the suit was dismissed.

‘Eat the Rich: The GameStop Saga’ and ‘Dumb Money’

In September 2022,Netflix released “Eat the Rich: The GameStop Saga,” a docuseries that spotlighted the David vs. Goliath nature of Gill and his fellow retail traders (everyday people who trade stocks) going against giant hedge funds that had shorted GameStop.

That has now been followed up by “Dumb Money,” released in September 2023 by Sony Pictures. The movie follows Gill’s journey from the time he first purchases GameStop stock to when the stock peaks and the hedge funds crash.

Where Is Keith Gill Now?

It’s unclear where Gill is now. He and his wife, Caroline, were living with their daughter in Wilmington, Mass., but Gill has not posted on any of his social accounts since 2021. It’s also not clear if Gill sold off his GameStop stock and cashed in on his risky move.

What Happened to Roaring Kitty?

Roaring Kitty, who has been revealed to be Keith Gill, went dormant in 2021. There have been no new posts to his accounts until May 12, 2024, when he posted a meme of a person playing video games leaning forward in his chair, followed by two more posts the day after of other memes indicating his return to the online social world.

What Is Keith Gill’s Net Worth?

There are estimates that Gill’s net worth is approximately $30 million, but there is no confirmation from Gill, nor are there any other public records to confirm that figure.

How Much Money Did Keith Gill Make on GameStop?

It’s not clear. In April 2021, Gill posted a spreadsheet on Reddit showing his GameStop stock was worth approximately $34 million. However, there are no records to say if that is still correct.

The Bottom Line

Keith Gill was revealed to be the man behind the Roaring Kitty and DFV social media accounts who, in 2019, shared his belief that GameStop stock was undervalued. He went on to invest $53,000 of his own money in GameStop stock, which was once valued at approximately $48 million as the stock price peaked.

Gill dropped out of public life in 2021 after testifying before Congress about his role in the GameStop stock saga. It’s unclear what he is doing today, or if he still owns his GameStop stock.

Who Is Keith Gill? The Man Behind Roaring Kitty (2024)


Who Is Keith Gill? The Man Behind Roaring Kitty? ›

But after drawing congressional and regulatory scrutiny for his role in the extraordinary saga, Gill quickly disappeared, albeit much richer thanks to his GameStop investment which at one point reached $48 million in value. For three years, Gill's accounts on YouTube, X, and Reddit lay dormant.

Is Keith Gill married? ›

In 2021 testimony at a congressional hearing on the meme stock phenomenon, Gill said he is the first member of his immediate family to earn a college degree. He is married with one child.

What is Keith Gill doing now? ›

'Roaring Kitty' Keith Gill Is Now One of GameStop's Top Shareholders, Screenshot Suggests.

How much did Keith Gill invest in GameStop? ›

In early June, Gill revealed on social media that he had made a significant investment in GameStop, totaling about $181 million in value at the time. It consisted of two parts: 5 million shares of GameStop stock purchased for $21.27, worth approximately $116 million at the time of the post.

What is Keith Gill's net worth? ›

What is Keith Gill's net worth? If Gill's screenshot is accurate, and he hasn't changed his position since posting it, his net worth is greater than or equal to the value of his portfolio, which, as of market close on Thursday, June 13, would be about $285.84 million.

Is Roaring Kitty a billionaire? ›

Roaring Kitty was poised to become a freshly minted billionaire until GameStop threw a monkey wrench in the plan. Keith Gill, a.k.a. “Roaring Kitty,” came tantalizingly close to becoming a paper billionaire during a Friday livestream until his GameStop shares tumbled following news of a surprise stock sale.

How much is Roaring Kitty worth from GameStop? ›

Roaring Kitty's GameStop position worth over $386 million as of Monday morning. After three years of Reddit silence, the investor known as Roaring Kitty revealed on Sunday evening that he was holding a massive GameStop position.

Did Roaring Kitty sell his shares? ›

In the latest update shared to his Reddit account, the trader widely known by his online handles "Roaring Kitty" and "DeepF-kingValue" revealed that he had sold some or all of his 120,000 call options due to expire on June 21 while buying another 4,001,000 GameStop Corp. shares (GME) - increasing his position to ...

What happened to Keith Gill's sister? ›

#7: Gill's Sister Passed Away

As the film depicts, Keith Gill was married with a young child when the GameStop saga commenced. He has a brother named Kevin, who did work for DoorDash (although he denies ever stealing Keith's car). Keith and Kevin lost their sister Sara Gill on June 25, 2020, at age 43.

How many shares of GME does Roaring Kitty own? ›

'Roaring Kitty' Appears to Have Exited GameStop Call Options

Instead, his portfolio showed a position of more than nine million common shares, up from five million earlier this week.

Where did Keith Gill go to school? ›

Keith Gill, a 2009 graduate of Stonehill College, is one of the most decorated runners in the rich history of the cross country and track & field programs.

Does Keith Gill have a CFA? ›

According to his testimony before Congress, Gill is the first in his family to earn a four-year degree. Gill was once a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) charterholder, but no longer appears in the CFAI member directory.

Who owns most of GameStop? ›

According to the latest TipRanks data, approximately 57.99% of GameStop (GME) stock is held by retail investors. Who owns the most shares of GameStop (GME)? Vanguard owns the most shares of GameStop (GME).

Did GameStop reach $500 dollars? ›

GameStop GME, +4.87% , the video-game retailer most associated with the Reddit message board-fueled retail attack on institutional short sellers, touched as high as $500 in premarket trade on Thursday.

What is GameStop total net worth? ›

Interactive chart of historical net worth (market cap) for GameStop (GME) over the last 10 years. How much a company is worth is typically represented by its market capitalization, or the current stock price multiplied by the number of shares outstanding. GameStop net worth as of June 13, 2024 is $8.94B.

Why does Toby Keith have so much money? ›

However, Keith proved to be as savvy in business as he was on the stage, accumulating a fortune worth approximately $400 million. Beyond his music, contributing to Keith's impressive net worth was a restaurant franchise, a clothing line, a liquor called Wild Shot, and yes, a record label.

How did Keith Richards make all his money? ›

The Early Tunes of Richards' Wealth

But it wasn't merely his agile fingers dancing on the guitar strings that built his fortune. His wealth was crafted through decades of relentless touring, songwriting that touched souls, and a persona that has become synonymous with rock 'n' roll itself.

How did Keith Urban start his career? ›

In 1988 Urban formed a band that went on to tour throughout Australia. Two years later he won an award at an Australian country music festival, which led to a record contract with EMI Music Australia. His first album, Keith Urban, was released in 1991 and fared well on music charts.

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