Remembering the life of Patricia Raymer (2024)

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Remembering the life of Patricia Raymer (1)

By the grace of God and with the loving support of family and friends, Patricia Anne (Fisher) Raymer, 71, left with the angels to her heavenly home on Sunday, May 26, 2024, shortly after moving from her apartment in Long Beach, Calif., to an assisted living apartment in Seal Beach, Calif.
Patricia Anne was born April 26, 1953, to John Edward and Violette Anne (Swatik) Fisher in Mt. Vernon, Ohio, where she enjoyed her first 15 years growing up and attending school among extended family and close neighborhood friends.
In 1968, her father was transferred to Grove City with his job and even though Pat was reluctant to move, she quickly made new friends and adjusted well. She enjoyed sports and was a star basketball player, helping lead the Grove City Area High School girls basketball team to championships.
She graduated from Grove City Area High School in 1971 and entered Grove City College. During the summer of 1974, she married her high school sweetheart, William "Bill" Raymer, and together they finished their senior year.
She graduated in 1975 with a bachelor's degree in secondary education (mathematics). Pat worked for several years at the Riverside Grocery Store in Grove City before moving to Boulder, Colo., in 1977 as Bill attended graduate school.
While there, she worked as a bank teller at Columbia Savings and Loan. It was also at this time she was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis and began her 46-year walk of Christian faith, which supplied her with the confidence and fortitude to face the trials and tribulations of the lifelong handicap.
From Boulder, she moved with Bill as he began his new job with the Veterans Administration in Ann Arbor, and Chicago, landing in Long Beach, Calif., in 1986.
In 1992, she and Bill went their separate ways and Pat moved into an apartment in the Belmont Heights neighborhood of Long Beach. At this time Pat also began working for a chime making company, "Jacob's Musical Chimes," and enjoyed stringing and repairing chimes for the next 28 years.
Pat loved her apartment building family and could be counted on for assistance, friendship, a few opinions, a bit of advice and most of all, plenty of prayer. She was also well-known throughout the neighborhood and could often be seen running errands, going to the farmers' market or visiting friends on her custom three-wheeled motorcycle she called her "Chariot."
Whether in Grove City or Boulder or Ann Arbor or Chicago or Long Beach or anywhere in between or beyond, Pat always made a great effort to keep in touch with her family, relatives and friends.
Always empowered by her deep Christian faith, Pat lived her life courageously and fully, despite her many challenges from living with MS and her more recent cancer diagnosis. She was a rich source of inspiration and encouragement and will be deeply missed by all whose lives she touched.
Besides her many friends, extended family and apartment building family, Pat is survived by her brother, Michael Fisher and wife Vickie, North Carolina; sisters, Karen DeWalt and husband Mark, Grove City, and Linda Zambelli and husband Bill, Colorado; aunts Lorraine Szabo, Ohio, and Marsha Fisher, Michigan; uncle James L. Fisher and his wife Barbara, Ohio; and many beloved cousins.
She is also survived by nephews and niece and their families: Jim Fisher, wife Courtney and their children Brynlee and Aiden, North Carolina; Clayton DeWalt, his wife Casey and their son, Fletcher, Massachusetts; Tara DeWitte, her husband Mark and their two daughters Brynn and Harper, Colorado.; Nick Zambelli, his wife Erica and their daughter Amelia, Colorado. Step nieces and nephews, all from North Carolina, Abby Cobb, Kelly Westermann, Josh Kaltenbaugh and Cory Kaltenbaugh, also survive.
Patricia was proceeded in death by her parents; paternal grandparents, Clarence and Mary Fisher; maternal grandparents John and Anna Swatik; uncle and aunt George and Margaret Swatik; and uncles Joseph Szabo, Louis Fisher, and Dr. Clifton W. Fisher.
Patricia's family would like to extend their sincere gratitude and appreciation to Pat's very good friend and longtime neighbor, Daniel Sherwood, for the incredible support and love that he extended to Pat and her family, especially in her times of need.
A Celebration of Life is being planned for Aug. 3 in Long Beach.
Cremation was handled by the Neptune Society in San Pedro, Calif.
Memories or condolences can be left at

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Published on July 9, 2024

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Remembering the life of Patricia Raymer (2024)
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