Little Known Tools To Find Lenovo Parts - Upgrades And Options (2024)

There are a couple of different ways to find or locate Lenovo parts as well as do a Lenovo parts lookup.

The two ways to find Lenovo parts are to use Lenovo’s part lookup or use the Lenovo Smartfind tool.

How To Find Lenovo Parts:

Of the two methods below, the preferred and easier method is to use the CRU/FRU Part Number Lookup tool. I’ve found it more comprehensive in its results and other options it displays.

Lenovo Parts Lookup:

#1 Lenovo’s parts lookup allows you to enter your machine’s serial number.
Find the lookup tool here –> CRU / FRU Part Numbers Lookup.

From that page, you enter your machine info to get the results of available parts specific to your laptop.

Lenovo Smartfind Tool:

#2 Lenovo Smartfind tool is another way to search and see a list of parts is shown below. There are two options depending on your location.
In the U.S. – See:
Outside the U.S. – See:

How To Look Up FRU/CRU Replacement Parts For Your Lenovo Laptop

Are you having an issue with your Lenovo laptop and think you need a replacement part? Maybe you just want to find out if you can add more memory. Whatever the case may be if you need a part this article with be for you.

Lenovo provides replacement parts in two ways.

  1. A Customer Replaceable Unit(CRU) is a part the customer can order and replace themselves.
  2. A Field Replacement Part(FRU) can be purchased and replaced by yourself or a Lenovo support person.

The difference being the FRU will only provide the part and no supporting documentation.
If the laptop is still under warranty it might be best to have an FRU-type part replaced by a qualified field technician.

How do I check my Lenovo laptop warranty?

The first step is determining if your laptop is under warranty. If it is, then the process of repair or replacement of a part may be different than an expired warranty where you have to buy the part yourself.

Let’s look up the warranty status of the laptop. This will also tell us when the warranty expires.
Check here: Warranty Lookup Help then come back for the rest of the steps. If your Lenovo is still within its warranty period, you can contact your country’s Support Center and arrange for a replacement part.
Depending on the part it may be advisable to let Lenovo support personnel handle it.

See the Lenovo Contact Center Numbers for the appropriate center to call to receive support.

With a Lenovo laptop under warranty, the support center will provide details to repair your laptop. You either send it in for repair or sometimes they can mail you the part for you to install yourself. Another option is a walk-in depot where they do the repair there.

What if my Lenovo is no longer under warranty?

If you know your system is not under warranty you will have to purchase the replacement part yourself.
The following will apply to you as well if you are in need of an upgrade or want additional parts.

From this point, we need to identify the part number you need.

This guide so far has described how to obtain replacement parts for a Lenovo laptop. By replacement parts, I’m talking about, for example, a new keyboard or palm rest. Some component part of the laptop itself.

Lenovo Upgrade Note:

If you are just looking to upgrade your machine then there are additional options.
Memory or hard drive upgrades are provided by many online retailers. Make sure to double-check the part number before ordering though.
One such retailer that I’ve found easy to use is Crucial’s website. They have a compatibility checker to help locate the exact part that is compatible with your machine.
The prices for these such retailers are usually very competitive and provide good service.

What’s the takeaway?

So there it is, it all starts with knowing the warranty status of your Lenovo laptop. The process is somewhat easier with a system in warranty because the cost of replacement will not be on you. But you might be required to send the laptop to the repair shop which could take a while before you receive it back. If however, you are out of warranty, then the process of identifying a new part is pretty easy and you can order online or call their support phone number.

This leaves the question of :

What if I don’t know how to remove the part that is bad and needs replacing?

For example, if the LCD screen is cracked then it’s obvious what is needed, but how to remove it?

Below is a link to Lenovo videos demonstrating parts removal and replacement.
Just select your machine and locate the specific video for your purpose.
Parts Removal and Replacement Videos
See: And secondly, access the Hardware Maintenance Manual(HMM) from Lenovo.
The HMM explains in detail various tasks associated with their machine. It will show you how to access and remove parts. The HMM is here: Lenovo HMM

Sometimes finding the right support pages can be difficult.
Let me know if this was helpful to you.

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Little Known Tools To Find Lenovo Parts - Upgrades And Options (2024)
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