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Self-Defense is a matter of life and death. Either you’ll survive an attack, or you won’t. So, learning to protect yourself is indispensable. Moreover, safeguarding from potential dangers is not a luxury but essential for a healthy well-being and a powerful mindset.Everyone must understand that self-defense begins before any attack, before the split second that changes everything.

FACT: In the United States, more than seven people per hour die a violent death

According to the New York Times, the decline in murder is saving lives, but the rise of street crime has created widespread anxiety and problems in many parts of the U.S. We are already expressing the need to feel protected daily as a nation. It’s a human right not to be fearful in our streets, and you can help control it through education and practice.

This blog is about understanding what makes self-defense compelling and a fundamental skill. The following 6 reasons for learning to safeguard from violent threats are dynamic and empowering.But even more, we’re exploring them to propel you to save your life now, one lesson at a time – because you can.

It’s Life Saving and Life Changing – Nick Drossos Defensive Tactics – Blogs (1)

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This list begins by discussing how self-defense heightens one’s confidence level, and it’s a key benefit of learning how to protect yourself- it’s why I lead with it. Next, I want to include some words synonymous with confidence, like courage, spirit, and determination, because although connected, they differ in what theyrepresent to everyone, how they each function to motivate, and how it is always extraordinary.

FACT: Handguns are the most common murder weapon used in the United States, accounting for 6,012 homicides in 2021

Waiting until forced to grapple with the potential rage and frenzy associated with street violence, carjacking, or a home invasion is too late. A realistic, practical, and effective self-defense system is a game changer, and here’s why.

Number 1:


Confidence perpetually tops the lists of self-defense benefits, proven to be a gripping aspect of what you can achieve through this real-world discipline.

For the most part, it enhances mental preparedness. Learning realistic, practical, and effective training develops a genuine sense of security, giving you the balls or staying power to escape.

A successful self-defence program will heighten your level of tenacity entirely. The result? To a violent attacker, that makes you outwardly fearless.

On the daily:

This new level of self-esteem can inspire bold choices and the motivation to face challenges you may have deemed too risky or fearful to attempt safely.Developing confidence allows you to navigate life with a more positive state of mind, enhancing your overall well-being.

Number 2:


Prevention has many levels, and it’s the core of situation awareness. It entails knowing how to scan your environment, where to walk and commute safely, and how to assess people and crowds.

It also involves understanding your own body language and conduct, ultimately arming you to be a hard target. The premise is to identify and avoid a dangerous situation or scenario – to block a threat before it can happen.

On the daily:

Prevention helps build upon everyday awareness. It makes you responsible for your personal safety and security. Self-defence aims to teach you to assess risks that are real to you and your life so you can effectively prepare.

It’s Life Saving and Life Changing – Nick Drossos Defensive Tactics – Blogs (2)

Number 3:


With only seconds to spare before a violent attack ensues, you will learn to think fast.Self-defense teaches the life-saving technique of negotiation, so to speak. It entails empathizing with the aggressor to understand his mindset and communicate it (back). It also means reframing your perception of the scenario to match your attacker’s.

Anger propels violence and escalates conflict – creating an intense level of physical risk and injury to everyone, so practicing verbal compliance is a superior skill to exercise.

On the daily:

De-escalation requires a keen ability to understand people, and it also helps make you more engaging and interesting – socially and professionally. The art of calm conversation is also a wonderful stress relief akin to a healthy lifestyle.

FACT:Among the 8,673hate crime offences reported:Crimes against persons: 66.7% –Crimes against property: 30.0% –Crimes against society: 3.3%

Number 4:


Physical conditioning is pivotal in self-defense training, as it requires hard-core strength to break loose from a grip or immobilize an attacker.

Your body and reflexes get an incredible workout with diverse movements, including dips and dodges, blocks, kicks, and strikes.

In addition, purposeful stretching helps increase flexibility, so your body will naturally adjust when it comes to bending, twisting, or turning your back against an attacker.

Self-defence strategies also teach you to stand your ground by creating the necessary balance not to drop while evading punches or withstanding their immense force.

On the daily:

I advocate that the physical training involved in self-defense is comprehensive enough to make warriors of anyone.It’s exercising your core, your limbs, your heart, as well as your mental strength. In addition, self-defense enhances your overall fitness and well-being and naturally boosts the production of those feel-good endorphins.

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Number 5:

Hard Core Survival Skills

Self-defense training relies on asserting that you don’t need to be big, strong, or quick to safeguard against an attacker. Instead, Krav Maga encompasses instinctual moves that anyone can master – practical techniques and real-life scenario training that create and develop your fighting chance.

Inspired by the Israeli ‘hand to hand’ combat system – a single training session can improve your defensive skill set.

Although it begins with learning to avoid worst-case scenarios, it also trains you for the point of no return with the most potent strikes to survive. It fuses real-life combat strategies and a plethora of tweaked martial art disciplines.

There are no rules, as these hard-core skills are about defending and surviving the most violent confrontations.

On the daily:

Krav Maga is more than a fighting system; it’s about observation, self-evaluation, and poise. It helps develop the tenacity to face non-combative obstacles we encounter in our real lives. It’s a rewarding and impactful system to arm you for surviving life’s provocations.

FACT: Thefts and robberies in major U.S cities increased by around 20 percent in the first half of 2022

It’s Life Saving and Life Changing – Nick Drossos Defensive Tactics – Blogs (3)

Number 6:


Self-defense demands using the entire body and mind to execute precise techniques, influencing how you respond to danger or in threatening scenarios.

The mindfulness and exercise experienced through self-defense will have massive effects on your attention span and help to improve your focus and mental acuity.

In addition, the physicality of self-defense stimulates oxygen flow to the brain. It even elevates the number of neurotransmitters – which is advantageous for learning, remembering, and handling stress.

On the daily:
Concentration is a skill that brings a level of control to one’s personal, social and professional life. Learning self-defense teaches you to act decisively and make effective judgments and choices – instrumental in how you hone in on your everyday activities.

Number 7:


Self-defense takes unprecedented steps to teach grit – what I call a warrior term for resilience. It takes steadfast determination to work hard and persevere through challenges – your self-defense journey will include setbacks and failures but it’s also par for the course.

Learning self-defense survival helps develop the power and courage to confront your weaknesses, despite the inevitable setbacks. It’s a system that demands trust, self-discipline, and your instincts to survive.

On the daily:

Grit is a trait we use in our everyday vernacular. It helps us effectively deal with difficult and ambitious circ*mstances and to help sustain our long-term goals.

It’s Life Saving and Life Changing – Nick Drossos Defensive Tactics – Blogs (4)Escalating crime has led to an unwavering pressure to learn self-defense. Random violence, gun threats, active shooters and human trafficking are making headlines daily, creating unprecedented levels of fear in many. What transpires during an attack will depend on your knowledge, your resources and your defensive training. Self-defense classes incite you to assess your options and choices, develop your awareness and assertiveness skills and exercise physical self-defense techniques. It’s life changing and life saving.

It’s Life Saving and Life Changing – Nick Drossos Defensive Tactics – Blogs (5)

Nick Drossos is a revered self-defense expert – a title that carries significant weight as it requires a unique perspective on physical and mental safeguarding.

He is a disciplined martial artist, sport fighter, and traditional self-defense expert.

Nick’s prestige is based on ‘high stressed’ fight confrontations, and his focus is teaching detection, prevention, setting up for the initial strike, and remaining one step ahead of your attacker.

Nick’s system is current, global, and in hard-core demand. His most recent project is theKrav Maga Survival Package, the ultimate self-defense experience – 10 hours and 100 real self-defense training lessons – satisfaction guaranteed!

Stay safe and stand strong!

It’s Life Saving and Life Changing – Nick Drossos Defensive Tactics  – Blogs (2024)
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