Bottoms Up Bar - Bar Rescue Update - Open or Closed? (2024)

In this Bar Rescue episode, Jon Taffer visits Bottoms Up Bar in Stanton, California.

The bikini bar is owned by Suzie Blevins.

She bought the bar in 2006 as she wanted to open a bar with pretty ladies, booty shaking and body shots.

When the bar opened the men were very interested in the ladies in the bar.

They made $1000 a night and the ladies made a lot of tips.

With the success of the initial bar, Suzie decided to expand into a chain and now owns 5 Bottoms Up locations.

Suzie's son Patrick got into the business four years ago.

Suzie gave him control of the slowest bar thinking it would be easy for him to run and learn how to run a bar.

Patrick doesn't know what his duties are and his lack of experience led to the staff losing respect for him.

They think he is too young to run a bar.

Without Suzie's firm hand the staff ran wild and are constantly drunk and sloppy.

Sarah is Patricks girlfriend and she began to abuse her power at the bar.

The staff argue constantly with Sarah and they often have to be separated.

The bar is now failing, it is dirty and in disrepair and she is using profit from other bars to keep this one afloat.

Jon arrives at the bar with Maria Menounos and Keven Undergaro.

His undercover spies and reveals that there are a number of bikini bars, topless bars and bikini coffee shops in the area.

Jon doesn't know why Suzie isn't at the failing bar that needs her.

They watch footage of the bar with a lot of contact between staff and patrons and it is shocking drunk behaviour.

There are no boundaries and Patrick doesn't watch what is going and has no control.

Sarah is all over the other girls, there is conflict and the staff are frustrated.

One bar tender serves beers after touching her behind.

Maria and Keven are sent in and are shocked at what they see including a customer getting on the bar and twerking.

Maria is pressured to do a shot from a barmaids bottom and she is so shocked and told to give up the chair.

Shocked by what he has seen Jon Taffer walks into the bar as Sarah does the shot.

He is not impressed and calls Patrick over and tell's Sarah to go sit in the corner.

Jon tells Patrick to call his mother to the bar and Suzie arrives.

Jon speaks to both and asks why Suzie is never at the bar.

He asks what will happen if it isn't a success and she says that she will sell in 6 months but if it is a success then it is his.

Jon tells Patrick that he has to send Sarah home as she is too drunk and he does tell her and she does leave.

The next day, Jon returns and speaks with the staff and Suzie admits that she hasn't trained him properly.

Jon tells Sarah that she is out of control and other staff don't like being touched.

Sarah claims her drunken fool behaviour brings in customers but she didn't charge patrons for the shots she was serving.

Patrick doesn't know how much drink she gave away.

Jon tells Patrick that if he doesn't step up then he will walk away and they will lose the bar and Patrick commits to putting his foot down.

Jon will be helped by mixologist Phil Wills, chef vic Vegas and dancer Jillian Schmitz, who will be introducing boundaries to their act.

Phil asks the bar tenders to make him a variety of drinks and Vic orders a number of dishes.

One bartender measures using the cap as they don't have jiggers.

The food takes a long time as they don't have the correct equipment but he doesn't think the food is awful.

Phil is teaching the co*cktails but Jillian is going to show them how to make them more fun.

Thanks to guidance from Jillian they will be serving drinks with a sexy twist but won't be tasteless and over the top.

Meanwhile in the kitchen Vic is showing the kitchen the new bar food including a pastrami meatball sandwich

Jon introduces a stress test of 32 customers.

They will need to speed serve drinks and food in 16 minutes and staff must work at pace with Patrick in charge.

The service is slow on drinks and Suzie is worried about Patrick and the girls struggle to produce drinks and connect with customers.

The chef is cooking the food and serving the food with no ticket system in place and Patrick is walking around lost.

Sarah steps up and performs well as she is sober and focused and Jon is really happy with her.

At the end of the stress test all patrons are served.

Jon can see the potential in Patrick.

He will be shadowing the manager of Suzie's best performing bar to learn more about how to be a successful bar manager.

Phil teaches the girls some new co*cktails to be added to the drinks menu and they shine in learning as they are talented.

Jillian teaches the girls more subtle movements that the customers will enjoy and will make everyone more money.

The bar is given a makeover and new tables are added as well as new signage out the front of the bar and the staff love the new look.

On relaunch night, there are 100 patrons in the bar and Maria and Keven return to the bar.

The bartenders make great drinks and are entertaining.

Patrick has stepped up and gained the respect of the girls.

Suzie is happy and Jon is proud of Patrick and is confident that he can run the place.

What Happened Next at Bottoms Up Bar?

Six weeks later, Patrick is more confident.

The customers love the new decor and atmosphere and Sarah has continued to support Patrick.

The bar had to temporary close due to state restrictions and reopened in June.

Bottoms Up Bar is open.

Reviews are mostly positive with praise for the friendly staff and drinks selection.

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This post was last updated in March 2022.

Bottoms Up Bar - Bar Rescue Update - Open or Closed? (2024)
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