The Spogga Experience

The Spogga Experience

Spogga “Face of Waterfire” (2002-current) brought firedancing to the East Coast after touring for his first independent self produced album, “Universitility” in 1998.

Born on Martin Luther King Day in 1973, M. Spogga Hashway’s mother raised 6 boys on her own and Spogga grew up a distant 9 years under his 5 older brothers.  They influenced him with the songwriters of the 60’s as well as the free spirit of the 70’s and he, himself, became colored by the blending of hip-hop and heavy metal in the 1980s.

Being so young under the pac he was often left alone.  He began immersing himself in art and music programs and was asked to become a councelor at E.C.C., a summer camp where he was able to perform weekly on stage by the age of 14. His first performance was at age of 9 rocking the song Raspberry Beret for his extended family who rolled over laughing at the little boy imitating Prince.

Music became an everyday thing for Spogga which led to being accepted at Berklee College of Music in Boston where he was introduced to jazz and composition applying the language of music to his principal instrument of passion, the guitar.  Being a school attended by producers and instrumentalists, Spogga became a lead singer for bands who formed in Boston requesting his talent.

Similarly after his 4 year, 4 day a week, 4 hour a day performances at The Old Opera House on Bourbon Street in New Orleans (2013-2017), Spogga had a long run of being requested to fill in and perform with bands on the world famous Bourbon Street.  This nurtured and expanded his performance abilities even more!

Being a songwriter at a very young age it is now in Spogga’s nature to write constantly. Over half of his archive is unrecorded but with a little help from his friends, a bit of innocence and a dash of luck he has been able to produce 4 solo albums.  Seeing Spogga mix and play most instruments using whatever equipment is available inspires his contemporaries with his skill and dedication to music.

Love for all genres of music and a sense of sonic adventure led Spogga to work with house music producers, DJs, hip hop acts, jam bands, jazz bands, prog rock, pop, reggae, and afro-cuban acts.  During his time as musical director of The Spot Providence, he curated talent and assisted jams at the award-winning “Creation Tuesday” where local and touring musicians performed with this multi-talented artist. He has brought this concept with him to New Orleans where he co-hosts “Poetry on Poet” with radio personality and poet, Chuck Perkins.

The true quest of the Spogga Experience is to bring people of different demographics together through multi genre music and dance.  

Musical innovation effortlessly weaving acoustic guitar, vocalism, live beats, beatbox and looping to satiate your deepest musical and dancing desires.  

Add Firedancing for the promise of a Full Spogga Experience.

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